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We are encouraging friends and families who live with autism in their daily lives to share their experiences, strength, and hope with us and, in turn, with the world through our website. Feel free to scroll down and read stories from other individuals who have submitted their insights or click on “Submit Story” to share your story.

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My Daughter Emily

My daughter Emily, who has Asperger Syndrome, passed this video on to me today and wanted me to watch it with her. I think it’s great. We found there are a lot of kids that go online with Autism and Asperger, and Emily loves finding other kids she can relate to, which doesn’t happen very often. We can really relate to this teenager describing his view of having Asperger Syndrome! Check it out!


In My Mind

Dog Guides Makes Dreams Come True!!

I never thought an animal could make such a difference in my son’s life until Franklin came into our lives!! From the time my son was 2 years old, our lives were filled with a daily ritual of therapies and wondering how we would pay for the next session, something not uncommon to many families. Years later my dream came true and my son Ryan began to speak. From the time Ryan could talk he always expressed his strong desire to have a dog, though at the time I knew he would not be able to care for a puppy and we did not have the time to dedicate to training one.

Ryan and Franklin

As Ryan grew into a teenager, his love of animals shone through. He would spend hours on the computer googling dog breeds and learning everything he could about his favorite breeds.

Fast forward to 2010 when our lives changed forever. I was informed through a friend about Dog Guides of Canada and their various programs to help enhance the lives of Canadians. I figured why not apply, these are trained dogs, very obedient, and could enhance socialization for my son.

Once our family was approved, I went to Ontario for the training. I still remember my son’s face when I returned a week later and got off the plane with Franklin. He had tears running down his face and said to me “Thanks Mom, now all my dreams have come true!” I have to say Franklin is truly his best friend.

Ryan gets up every morning and feeds his dog. He walks him and makes sure every day that he brings him to the dog park to socialize with other dogs. The best part of having Franklin in our lives is how Ryan has become so much more social. When he goes to the off leash park he talks with the other owners about their dogs and of course brags about his! Every night at supper we hear Ryan’s stories about the new dogs and people he met that day. They say angels come in many different forms, well then I guess Franklin must be an angel!!!


Dear Unity for Autism,

When I first went to your website, I saw this quote: “”Just think of something that would be “wonderful” if it were only “possible”.  Then set out to make 
it possible.”

We took your suggestion to heart and used it in planning for W.A.V.E.  Eileen (a.k.a. Warrior Mom) and I started meeting with various groups to make our “dream” come true of a program of work and volunteer experience for adults with autism. We found our way to Kathleen Finn and Mike Tait of Dovercourt Community Centre, who strongly believed in our idea and were keen to help in any way possible.  Finally, we forwarded   our application to you and waited with fingers crossed.

This past Monday, Father Christmas came early: We learned from Mike Tait that you had approved our grant application!  I phoned Liz at Unity for Autism to thank her and when she said, “Oh are you with W.A.V.E.?” it kind of finally sunk in – our “wonderful” dream had come true!

A few years ago, Eileen and I started visiting day programs for adults with autism.  After our first visit, Eileen burst into tears at what was offered for her son’s future (and often at $15o.oo a day).   It has been a long journey from that day but now, with your help, this story has a very happy ending. Your generous grant will make a very big difference in the life of Eileen’s son and in the lives of sons and daughters of many other families as well.   Here is a picture of Eileen and her son Ben, who will so greatly benefit from W.A.V.E.  THANK YOU!

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