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Granting Procedure:

Unity for Autism seeks to fund requests for programs that will enhance the development and well-being of individuals with Autism living in Canada. Our primary focus is to create immediate access to programs and unique opportunities for families waiting to tap into their child’s potential. To be considered for funding from Unity for Autism, your organization must have a Canadian Registered Charitable number. For examples of the types of programs we fund, please refer to our Grant Recipient section. Further points to consider:

  • Full application must be submitted by September 30th of each year

  • Use only the space provided for each question

  • Application must not be more than 3 pages (2 pages for application form plus one addendum)

  • Addendum is for detailed cost breakdown for the specific program requested

  • Promotional materials will not be reviewed

  • Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered

  • If applicable, follow up reports from previous year must be submitted by September 15th.

  • Completed Application Forms must be submitted directly to

  • Grant recipients will be announced via our website by December 15th of each year

The Following Requests will not be funded by Unity for Autism:

  • Support requested directly from individuals or families

  • Coverage of continuing operating deficits

  • Multi-year grants

  • Endowments or Capital Campaigns

  • Conferences or Workshops

  • Organizations outside of Canada


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